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An Exclusive WhisperAI Reveal: The Future of Real-Time Subtitling

April 14 | 12 PM

Press Briefing Room, LVCC N249 

Space is limited to 50 guests. RSVP below


An Exclusive WhisperAI Reveal

Sunday | April 14 | 12 PM

Press Briefing Room

NETINT Technologies and Ampere Computing invite you to the private unveiling of Whisper, a breakthrough in real-time automated subtitling. This event showcases the integration of Whisper into NETINT's Quadra Video Server - Ampere Edition, revolutionizing accessibility in broadcasting and streaming media.

Key Features:
- Real-time subtitles for unparalleled accessibility
- AI-powered speech recognition for accurate transcription
- Globalized content delivery, transcending language barriers

- Engage with the engineers working on WhisperAI and NETINT's Quadra Video Servers
- Witness the synergy between AI and video processing technology
- Discover Whisper's impact on live streaming and broadcast technology

- Explore Whisper's potential for broadcasters, content creators, and platforms
- Interactive demonstrations of real-time subtitling capabilities
- Open forum with NETINT Technologies and Ampere Computing representatives

Limited to 50 guests, this event offers an intimate setting to experience the future of digital inclusivity. Pre-register now to secure your place at the forefront of this technological revolution.

Whisper demo - NAB logo
Whisper demo - Ampere logo